Nephtalie Demei (the founder of TEDxAmsterdamED) and I will pull this initiative – we are already drawing the contours. They are as follows:

  • Quarterly or bi-monthly events.
  • Format: TEDx meets unconference. High quality, high involvement, high energy, great output, big effect.
  • Starting point: everybody is the expert. We want less ‘broadcasting’ and more co-creation sessions, where smaller groups (max 40p) discuss topics brought up by the attendees themselves.
  • Similar to TED, in case of oversubscription we will select the attendees of each session.
  • In general, the sessions are meant to unite those who: share the vision, have great ideas or initiatives, want to be inspired or are otherways interested in these subjects and want to contribute to enlarge this movement.
  • The events should ideally be free for participants, costs covered by sponsoring.
  • Topics include: showcasing & discussing existing initiatives, what should children learn, how do children learn, how can good solutions scale, how can they be financed, bringing together initiatives in need for funding and investors, etc.
  • Starting point: no complaining at how bad it is now or talking about today’s problems in education, instead a positive forward movement towards creating the new reality.

What is needed:

  • A team of highly motivated organizers, including the following functions:
  • Curator(s): decide on the themes, format, speakers
  • Facilities: organize venue(s), logistics, necessary technology, subscriptions, etc
  • Sponsors: gets financing to keep the event free for attendees
  • Media: get media-attention incl social media, simulcast/ livestream the event and/ or make content incl videos available immediately afterwards

The organizing committee is made up of passionate, highly motivated people, who go for nothing less than top quality.
It is logical that ‘we’ start in the Netherlands, but of course such initiatives can start anywhere in the world. I’m envisaging a similar movement to what Mobile Monday achieved 3-7 years ago.

If these events become successful, we can think of ways how to scale the format in order to reach more people.

Please reach out if you want to help organize these events – Nephtalie and I will get back to you soon. You can also share your ideas and thoughts in the comments below!

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Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra, founder of Operation Education - feeding the movement to revolutionize education. I have lived many different roles in life - as a student, engineer, corporate employee, wintersports-blogger, strategic marketing manager, mobile future event organizer, augmented reality startup co-founder and now an education reformer and public speaker. But I am also a mother of three young children, a daughter, wife, sister, utopist dreamer, asker of difficult questions, visionary, improv dancer, skier, former glider pilot – and most of all a human being in search of how I can best balance my three main priorities in life: my family, my personal wellbeing and my mission to feed the movement to revolutionize education.

8 thoughts on “CONNECT Offline: EVENTS”

  1. Hi, I would love to reach out and be involved in this initiative. Education is something that has been close to my heart for as long as I can remember, especially the promise that it holds for helping us to truly reach our potential and that it doesn’t fulfill at the moment. I am really curious to know more about ways to become involved and support these events and the whole intitiative!

  2. Yes, I’d like to be involved in this movement! I have been working in education for the last 20 years and re-thinking my career now. I am looking for a different approach to education and learning (especially adding some meaningfulness) and ‘stumbled’ across your manifesto.
    But… (there’s always a but) I have a job. Which means I cannot devote all my time to this. Please contact me to let me know what you expect – and how things are going 🙂

  3. Hi Claire!!
    I would love to collaborate with your idea!!
    I am a math teacher (10 years of middle school and bridge course experience) formed in Venezuela. I am looking (as I posted before) to develop an idea of how to design and work in a digital personalized learning environment. How can students create their own personalized learning environment and learn while building knowledge artifacts that are shared and improved by the group, following their curiosity and hunger for learning, which I know they have!
    For that I have done some research and have some ideas. I think I can help and I am as you, passionate about live, learning and finding YOUR values inside. I left every thing in my home country to search for MYSELF and to follow my research passion. I have 3 big children so I have also this experience on my side, experience that sheds much light in the daily life and in the educational arena!
    The Netherlands is a great country to find excellence and hi standards in education and in a lot more. So let me know how I can sum to the initiative you are intending to spread. I am, as you, standing in the middle of the world (Utrecht, in the Freudenthal Institute) just with me and my values, looking for a change in myself and that I can spread into the world, trying to find some opportunity to help and make a difference! If you wish to contact me: or
    I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!!

  4. I would love to be involved. All my working live I have been trying tot make education better. Years ago I co-created a fiundation tot help teachers to really see their students for who they are and help thier students find their passion and talent. Many people participated in the network we organized. Back then we tried tot influence frm the outside. Since a cupple of years I’m trying to do the same from the inside. I.m working for a University of Applied Science (HBO). It’s is my mission in live to add value to the development of young people… So let’s get in touch!

  5. I’m planning to start off an education meeting in Emmen wich will bring passionate people together and not only discuss but morely help me to get into action by brainstorm, change mindsets and how we adjust today’s education into the needs of today and future so learning will be fun and out of the box. The attendees to the meeting are teachers, parents, students, counselor’s ( if that’s the coorect word in english for wethouder 🙂
    Please let me know if you’re inspired to help me out and keep the wave rolling….

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