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I want to set up an online environment which enables the sharing, scaling and continuation of what happens during face to face meetings or events. Online can cross borders. I’m convinced that (parts of) what we are looking for has already been developed/ worked out elsewhere. And that solutions can work on a global scale.

There are already a lot of online environments, websites and platforms focused on this subject. I feel that what we need is more a community/ social sharing environment which enables the ‘wisdom of the crowd’, in a well facilitated manner. My main question is: what type of environment can help bring together all the ripple effects, to make it a tsunami?

I’m thinking of using a Winkwaves “Kenniscafe” but am open to other suggestions.

For this part, I’d like to reach out to those who have already done a lot of research in the subject of innovation in education (several have already contacted me) to get more understanding of what is missing to make this movement much, much bigger and well known.

And of course I’d love to get input from, and cooperate with, people who are good at creating and facilitating active online and social environments. Please reach out if you recognize yourself in this description and want to join forces.

Please share your thoughts, suggestions in the comments below or via the contact form on this site.

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Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra, founder of Operation Education - feeding the movement to revolutionize education. I have lived many different roles in life - as a student, engineer, corporate employee, wintersports-blogger, strategic marketing manager, mobile future event organizer, augmented reality startup co-founder and now an education reformer and public speaker. But I am also a mother of three young children, a daughter, wife, sister, utopist dreamer, asker of difficult questions, visionary, improv dancer, skier, former glider pilot – and most of all a human being in search of how I can best balance my three main priorities in life: my family, my personal wellbeing and my mission to feed the movement to revolutionize education.

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  1. Why not Facebook? Everyone is already there. You can make open groups or close groups. It works easy, everyone knows it. It is integrated in every level of society :-). And you don’t have to be friends to contribute in a group.

    1. I agree!! I am succesfully participating in some Facebook groups, we interconnect and share ideas, and from that we move to skype or spreecast for small projects or informal meetings. It is easy and very accesible and people on the whole planet are accesible , which makes it very easy to meet someone who are aiming for the same goals!!

  2. Some weeks ago I started experiencing online-sessions (Open Space and others formats) that took place in Blackboard Collaborative. I will go on in exploring and using this plattform, since it is really strong and gives the all needed environtment for communication that matters.

  3. I’ d recommend to go with an open source / free software solution. 3rd party commercial solutions are usually great, until they change the business plan, pricing, rules etc. Remember Ning? You don’t want to have your jewels in someone else’s safe.

    We’ve run a wiki (mediawiki) for our educational material and the good part is: what we created over the years is still there. Even though the rest of the school has moved ELO on a egular basis (fronter, magister and itslearning in the same 6 years -) losing content and expertise each time.

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