CONNECT: part 1 of the Action Plan

The massive amount of reactions on my TED talk showed me three things:

  • Wow, so much is already happening/ done/ figured out – this needs to be shared.
  • I can’t be the only one who is interested but unaware of all these initiatives.
  • To really make an impact, we need to join forces. A very big movement is necessary.

We need to get together, share what works and discuss how to overcome barriers. Each one of us can create a ripple effect, all of us together create a Tsunami.

I would like to propose three form factors:

  1. Offline (face to face, events)
  2. Online (web environment)
  3. Informal – (bi-)weekly gatherings

Please click the links to find more details about the plans.

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Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra, founder of Operation Education - feeding the movement to revolutionize education. I have lived many different roles in life - as a student, engineer, corporate employee, wintersports-blogger, strategic marketing manager, mobile future event organizer, augmented reality startup co-founder and now an education reformer and public speaker. But I am also a mother of three young children, a daughter, wife, sister, utopist dreamer, asker of difficult questions, visionary, improv dancer, skier, former glider pilot – and most of all a human being in search of how I can best balance my three main priorities in life: my family, my personal wellbeing and my mission to feed the movement to revolutionize education.

One thought on “CONNECT: part 1 of the Action Plan”

  1. Beste Claire,

    Ik was zeer ontroerd en geïnspireerd door je TED-talk en wil graag op de hoogte zijn van initiatieven op het gebied van ‘value-based’- onderwijs. Zelf wil ik me met mijn bureau Zin voor Zin gaan richten op het ontwikkelen van verhalenprojecten in het kader van zingeving. Verhalen kunnen kinderen helpen hun ‘value’ te vinden en die van anderen te herkennen. Op dit moment ben ik bezig met het ontwikkelen van een website.

    Heel veel succes met de nieuwe weg die je bent ingeslagen.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Ingeborg Hendriks

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