How do you learn?

I learn by doing. By creating stuff, testing it in real life, and improving it after having seen real life results or reactions. By making a lot of mistakes and starting all over. By talking to a lot of people, exchanging thoughts and opinions. I read. I search the web for more info. I watch videos. I ask questions on Twitter. I learn sports by doing, doing, doing, trying, feeling. Reading “how to” in a book doesn’t work for me – I have to feel it, experience it.

How does this relate to the average education at school – where you have to listen to (sometimes very uninspiring) teachers for 45mins in a row, many classes one after the other?

Already at the average conference – where people really do their best to bring their message across, I often get lost or find my thoughts are drifting away. TED conferences are the big exception here. And there must be a reason why no TED talk is longer than 18 minutes.

But my learning style is not similar to your learning style. Some people need to draw, some prefer to listen. Some just want to read books, others prefer a game. It is known for a fact that everybody has their own preferred learning styles – which should be matched to get the most effective learning curve.

Today’s children live in a world where everything goes fast. They learn from playing games on their phones, from googling stuff they are interested in (or need to learn about).  Everything is visual, animated. This is very far from the average learning method which is still via books and lessons or lectures.

It doesn’t surprise me that children get bored and are uninspired by school, to say the least.

How do you learn? Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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Claire Boonstra

Claire Boonstra, founder of Operation Education - feeding the movement to revolutionize education. I have lived many different roles in life - as a student, engineer, corporate employee, wintersports-blogger, strategic marketing manager, mobile future event organizer, augmented reality startup co-founder and now an education reformer and public speaker. But I am also a mother of three young children, a daughter, wife, sister, utopist dreamer, asker of difficult questions, visionary, improv dancer, skier, former glider pilot – and most of all a human being in search of how I can best balance my three main priorities in life: my family, my personal wellbeing and my mission to feed the movement to revolutionize education.

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