Relevant sources for education innovation

I have collected a number of interesting sources for further reading and watching in this post. The list is not exhaustive, but I have included the ones that are most meaningful for me.

If you are completely new to this subject, please start with watching Sir Ken Robinson’s TED talks on Education:

A highly recommended book is ‘Why School?’ from Will Richardson. Downloadable via the TED Books app (on for example your iPad), 35 pages for just EUR 2.39 or USD 2.99. Must read.

I find the following international sources very interesting:

Specific implementations that resonate a lot with me:
I have listed several interesting Digital platforms for Education innovation in this list.
In the Netherlands (Dutch/ Nederlands):
  • (heeft als doelstelling om te verbinden, inspireren en legitimeren), initiatief van van NIVOZ
  • Innofun (helpt onderwijsorganisaties bij maximaliseren rendement, oa via social media implementaties)
  • Edushock (oproep tot meer creativiteit en innovatie in het onderwijs)



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